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My favorite monster…was just up on stage. Favorite way to kill her - Marry her and give her kids."
— Jared Padalecki on his favorite monster and killing method [Dallascon 2014] (via the-fallen-angel-has-the-tardis)


So that just happened.


My phone auto corrects Jared’s name so that its in all caps…

It does this with Misha’s name too…

I have a lot of feelings okay?


okay who took mark’s phone?

Jared, probably.

Jensen Ackles | DallasCon 2014 [x]


The face that begs to be photographed. DallasCon 2014


our morning with J2 in Dallas

J2 at DallasCon 2014 (September 21, 2014) - Photos.

Fan: “What do u know now that u wish u knew when u were young? Jensen: Everything Jared: Heh dont do photoshoots, right Jensen” #DallasCon