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But guyssss how cute would Charlie Bradbury and Becky Rosen be together?

They are like the ultimate fangirls. And would get into cute little debates about ships and characters which would turn pretty heated, but instead of arguing back Charlie would just kiss her and Becky would melt and forget about the disagreement for a little while at least.

And Charlie would totally try to teach her how to play video games and Becky would get all frustrated and end up reading instead and sit up on the couch and run her fingers through Charlie’s hair as she played her game.

And they would whisper to each other and laugh and be all adorable. And go to comic con together and cosplay as their otp’s and cuddle together and drink tea and coffee and go on cases together and Charlie would totally be the brains and Becky the brawn of the operation and kick ass together. Okay? They are cuties and need to meet on the show and fall in love.


i just watched this scene a few times and it is unbelievably adorable.  i love how gentle and nice Will is to Peter.  They’re both seated, so Peter doesn’t need to worry about motion, and there is the bird in front of them both as something to focus on, so the attention is off them both and they don’t need to look at each other.

Will brought Peter the bird because he was worried about it.  He reassured Peter that he knows he didn’t kill Sarah.  Then, when he found out Peter was being victimized and feared that no one would believe him, Will says “I’ll make sure they do.”  If only someone had done that for Will…  Now, he has to do it for himself.

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would you rather attend the wedding of your otp or get a copy of their sex tape?


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is the sex tape in HD?

Can I be the priest?

there are two kinds of people

is the priest in the wedding or the sex tape?

Three kinds

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